Accessing High Frequency Energy Using Your Pineal Gland

If you want to be healthy at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level, you need to learn how to access high frequency energy. This type of healing energy is essential for health for the reason that it raises the frequency of your body and soul. The frequency rate of your body plays an essential role for your health, because it affects the performance of your body. For this reason, when you surround yourself with high frequency energy, your health improves. On the other hand, when you surround yourself with low frequency energy, your health deteriorates. Continue reading

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Deep Into Soul Presents The End of Summer Terrace Party

Join us on Saturday 27th of September 2014 as we close our Summer Edition Terrace parties with a 12 hour foot stomping bonanza over 3 Arenas at The POW (formerly the Brixton Club House).

This Summer has been special for the Deep Into Soul Family and seen the likes of Karizma, Joey Negro, Rich Medina, Phil Asher, Souldynamic, Paul Trouble Anderson, Rhemi, Mucho Soul, Kev Beadle, Gordon Mac and Shaun Ashby play to a packed terrace and Club Room despite the weather.

We hope that this closing line up will meet your approval and we will see you on the dance floor.

Deep Into Soul X

Full DJ Line up.


Limited £10 Concession Tickets are available from Scott Tastebudz-07903478135

Advance Tickets:
Facebook event:

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Android gets USB Audio

Google Android to support class-compliant USB audio interfaces

When it comes to audio performance, Android mobile devices have been a few steps behind their Apple counterparts. Android’s audio engine wasn’t initially optimised and latency figures were markedly higher than for iOS. Certain companies like Sonoma Wire Works have written software or worked around the limitations of the OS so you can now do audio based things like play synths, use DJ tools etc. without crippling latency. That’s the first hurdle cleared. The second, and more vital limitation with Android, especially for recording, was its inability to play nicely with third-party audio interfaces, which you’d need to get higher quality audio in and out of the device. Continue reading

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How Sound Affects You: Toning

Relationship between sound and health. Lynda Arnold focuses on the instrument we all have—our voice—and how it can be used to positive effect.

If you attend yoga classes on a regular basis, you may have had a teacher that started or ended the class with a group ‘Om’ or two. ‘Om’ is one of the most important of the toning syllables because it is believed to be the sound of the origin of the universe or the sound of creation. ‘Om’ is often sung as part of the Bija Mantra series of syllabic toning. The foundation of Toning and the focus of this article, however, are the vowels. Continue reading

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Spirit Catcher’s Studio Space

Spirit Catcher

Welcome to producer-wonderland! Have you already booked your vacation for this year? If not, this studio could probably help you for the most creative producing session, ever. Spirit Catcher, the Belgian duo consisting of Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet are the owners of this fairytale house in Beaumont Belgium. You already should know them for several high quality productions on 20:20 Vision, Systematic Recordings, Moodmusic and NRK and for their cool DJ sets. Lean back and enjoy 8 stunning pictures of their professional studio in collaboration with our friends from TURNLAB.

Spirit Catcher 02

Hello Jean, Hello Thomas, we’re still overwhelmed from the pictures of your studio. But let’s get back in the days. When did you start DJing and producing?
That was in 1996. Continue reading

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Vinyl records are far from dead, now you can 3D-print your own

You can use 3D printers and custom software to make everything from houses to pizzas, but did you know you could also 3D-print vinyl records?

Developer Amanda Ghassaei from Instructables is known for her alogorithm that converts audio data into 3D geometry data. She has subsequently used that alogorithm to manufacture 3D vinyl records for singles from artists like Nirvana, Pixies, Daft Punk, and Radiohead. More recently, the track Down Boy, performed by Bobbie Gordon and produced by Kele Okereke, was put onto a 3D-printed vinyl record using her alogorithm.

An Objet500 Connex 3D printer generated the disc for Down Boy, at fine settings like 600 dpi, with 16 micron steps. Gordon recently performed the tune at a launch party for the world’s first 3D-printing record store, where the limited-edition, 3D-printed version of her track went up for sale. Down Boy was a sponsored and documented project by Bacardi Beginnings, and it marked the first time that an original song had been released and sold as a 3D-printed album.

Ghassaei’s algorithim uses an 11 Khz sampling rate however, so the resolution of Down Boy is quite low. In fact, the final output is around 25 per cent of what you could get from an MP3. With such a poor rate, the Objet500 Connex actually cuts off high-range tones in most songs. It’s been said that 3D-printed records have a sound that is audible and distinguishable but still distant and hollow. Watch the video below for an example.

READ: Ten houses 3D printed in 24 hours

Ghassaei also said the resin residue of 3D-printed albums will eventually wear down a turntable’s needle, but she insisted it is still “really cool to kind of push the technology.” Furthermore, it takes more than a gigabyte of data to 3D print an entire song, meaning a standard 12-inch LP can only hold one single. Her DIY website on Instructables explains in detail how to convert audio files into 33 RPM resin records. It also demonstrates how 3D printers create albums, layer by layer.

Although 3D-printed albums are thicker and stiffer and sound horrible when compared to vinyl records, you must think of all this as a stepping stone of sorts. The technology to produce 3D objects is still new and will likely be honed over time. Maybe one day it’ll be responsible for the full comeback of vinyl records. After all, music has been experiencing a vinyl revival over the last decade as audiophiles seek a warm and authentic music sound.

You can view Bacardi Beginnings’ video documentary for both Down Boy and the first 3D-printing record store (called The Vinyl Factory in central London), below.

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German police have discovered what they reckon to be one of the largest illegal pressing plants in Europe.

Several properties were raided in both Bavaria and Hessen after preliminary investigations led by anti-piracy organisation proMedia at the instigation of the German record industry trade group BVMI, with support from global trade body IFPI.

BVMI CEO Dr Florian Drücke said: “Thanks to the excellent preparatory work and above all the precise work of the prosecutor and police, this raid has enabled us to pull the plug on the largest-ever undercover pressing plant for music in Europe. The equipment found here demonstrates once again that this is not the work of petty criminals, but of professional organisations whose criminal activities inflict massive damage on artists and the recording industry”.


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