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CD & Digital Mastering
Mastering is the very last step in your creative process, before manufacturing and releasing your music to the world. As such, it should be approached with great care and attention, by a professional using the right equipment in the correct listening environment. This allows us to make accurate, informed decisions on the right way to bring the best out of your recordings.

Most of our processing, like eq-ing and compression, is done in the analog domain, using the best conversion available (prism sound)to ensure no degradation occurs to your audio. Our digital processors handle the filtering, de-essing, M/S encode/decode and limiting etc. This gives us the best of both worlds and lots of options!
We use Sadie 5 to compile & output your masters once processed to PMCD, DDP, or any digital file format you request. The subject of excessive loudness in mastering is still red hot, but we feel that we have reached a turning point now, where artists, A&R, producers and engineers all agree that, yes it’s okay to be loud, but not at the expense of the music. However, if it’s off the scale level you want, we can do that and we try to minimize casualties along the way!

With the majority digital masters now ending up as mp3’s in online stores, the need for high quality masters has never been greater. If your audio is to compete in an increasingly crowded market, you need to stand out to and get noticed. Our mastering will give you that edge.
Each project is given the same attention to detail, whether it is a single track or a full-length album.

Vinyl Mastering

Our vinyl masters are cut on our beautiful Neumann VMS80 (ex Sony Whitfield Street), which has been installed and maintained by Sean Davies. The Sal74B cutting amps have been used to cut many of the classic Motown albums of the 70’s and 80’s and were heavily modified in Nashville to give an exceptionally low noise floor.

As a result we can produce an extremely clean cut, giving your music sheer scale and dynamics. Our custom disc-cutting console is by Coloursound and gives great flexibility representing the very best in analogue circuit design. This combined with our valve & solid state analogue outboard and high-end digital processing in M/S or parallel mode creates a great toolkit for achieving exceptional vinyl masters.

Track Mixing

We use a combination of digital and analogue tools to give your tracks a world-class, professional sound.

Pro Tools HD 9 is our daw of choice, which is summed in the analogue domain through our customised summing mixer or digitally through our Ams Neve Capricorn for projects that need to stay digital throughout.
All our mastering outboard is available on a mix session – major label sound at a fraction of the cost. Packages available for more than one track mix projects.
Singles, remixes or albums – we have the experience and engineering skills to make your mixes stand out.

Dub Plates

We can master from:

– Tape (1/2″ & 1/4″)
– CD
– Data (any digital format)
– Minidisk
– Vinyl
– Cassette
– 1630


– 7″
– 10″
– 12″

Recording & Dubbing

Our spacious overdub booth can be used for vocal & instrument tracking and voiceover work.

Choose from a large selection of microphones & preamps to suit your session.

Our experienced engineers are adept at getting the sound you want for your track.
We are specialists in tv voiceover, audio book production, film dubbing, corporate & non – broadcast voiceover.
Re-amp guitar or synth parts from the comfort of our mix room and choose from our mic cupboard to breath new life into previously recorded material.

We can hire in any equipment you may need to ensure your session runs smoothly, from instrument backline to microphones, preamps and outboard.

Track in to Pro Tools HD 9, Logic 9 or Sadie 5 via Prism, Benchmark or Apogee convertors.

42″ plasma screen.

Our location recording team can capture performances in situ be it:

Concert halls (Barbican, Royal Festival Hall, Symphony Hall etc)

Medium venues (Cadogan Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Blackheath Concert Hall etc)

Smaller venues (Clubs, Boardrooms, etc).

Anywhere you can get to, our location team can too.

Please contact us to discuss you requirements.

Vinyl Manufacturing

We are experts in vinyl manufacturing and can take your project from mastering right through to finished stock. Our experienced team will guide you through the many options in print, packaging and disk choices.
We work closely with the best pressing plants in the UK to ensure the finest quality and quickest turnaround.
Bespoke packaging & audiophile grade pressings are our speciality. Our in house design team can produce label & sleeve artwork to your specification if required.
Turnaround time for vinyl manufacturing is generally 3 weeks.
For standard orders or any special orders, please contact us for a quote.

Vinyl Manufacturing services include:

– 7″ / 10″ / 12″ virgin vinyl
– Clear vinyl
– Coloured vinyl
– Heavyweight / Audiophile grade vinyl (180gms / 200 gms)
– Picture Disks
– Etched disks
– Label design & print
– Sleeve design & print
– Bespoke packaging our speciality
– Box sets & collectors editions
– Limited edition / Serialised pressing

One (1) copy

£30 including postage and packing

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